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Blonde color represents the greatest expression of differentiating value for the Color Service of the Salon. A continuous business is produced through the perfect interpretation of the most requested trends, becoming the most powerful loyalty weapon for your Salon.


The 2019 trend for Blonde colors is dedicated to perfect, blond, warm, natural and cold streaks that blend in a perfectly created play of light-rays. To win this challenge you have to be the best, for this PBF has created a very precise sequence of highlight streaks techniques that allow you to create the best blondes of the moment through an extremely impressive and practical fast method.

March 2019 (two days)


And now a fascinating challenge for many colorists: the »Natural Red».

Some women are in love with the dream of having “red” hair, but they are also scared because they are afraid of appearing vulgar or excessive, or they are afraid of not being able to go back to the previous color.

October 2019 (one day)


The Brunette woman wants an elegant, seductive, irresistible brown and full of perfectly set color facets that make this charming and precious shade more and more attractive.

That’s why in this one-day session we’ll reveal the 31 most beautiful color formulations PBF has ever made for this important customer segment. Finally a map of browns that will allow you to make any brunette without ever more unwanted reds, that’s why on this day you will learn everything you need to know about the performances and benefits that PBF Color Luminity expresses through its unique delicacy as reflective demi-permanent color and the power and duration of an oxidation color.

September 2019 (one day)


Appointment with the Fall Winter and Spring Summer Fashion Trend, created and interpreted by the PBF Artistic Team. Every hair detail characterizes a moment of the year and brings with it the meaning of the collection.

A stimulating and training Hair Fashion event that offers a boost to your creativity and your professionalism. The session involves the Hairdresser in the creations inspired by the trends of the moment, making this meeting incredibly exclusive and modern, through a refined proposal of cuts, shapes and colors rich in fashion ideas and technical innovations.

February 2019 (two days)


The hairstyle is the proof of mastery that most of all represents the creative art of hairdressing, in building harmonious and finely customized hair sculptures.


We have organized a day dedicated to the most trendy multi-weave hairstyles, which represent a real and global success on the Web. By proposing a series of hairstyle models you can learn both the technique to perform them and the method that allows you to create your personal inspirations. Dedicated to brides but also to evenings or for informal occasions, you will immerse yourself in a really challenging session to achieve excellence while having fun.

April 2019 (one day)



Hair Drying time in the Salon is the right occasion where the Customer discovers how the right Styling can make the difference for the beauty of her hair and for the hairstyle she desires. Every hair structure is a world that hairdressers must interpret for their Customers.

Discover the best 7 cutting and drying concepts of shape, volume and curls, to say never again: «Your hair is not good for this shape, for this style that you so desire…», we are committed to provide a specific answer to any type of hair shape and styling request that your Customers dream, through the new PBF Color Care Styling Concept, where every detail is welcome.

Jannuary 2019 (two days)

Mathematics of color 4C

What is the secret of successful colorists? Active counseling, or that moment when the client needs to communicate with you to understand if you are the professional who can realize her dream. Advice today is one of the most important reasons for new customers to choose you. It is not just a matter of creating a color but of making it perfectly suited to your client’s requests and the needs of her hair.

The purpose of these two days training is to grow your business and increase customer loyalty, refine your technical skills and give an exceptional boost to your creativity

March 2019 (two days)