The philosophy of the product

Product, service, commitment

Good manufacturing standards

We are certified under the UNI EN ISO 22716 standard, which defines Good Manufacturing Practises for cosmetic products on an international level. This consists of the practical development of the concept of quality assurance through the description of the activities of the production based on solid scientific assessment and risk evaluation.

Respect for the environment and workers

Our formulas are certified by the most prestigious accredited Italian university institutions, of low environmental impact. The production site can count on a cutting edge purification plant that treats waste water and production, laboratory and packaging residues. Thanks to an inverse osmosis plant, the water used in the production of our products is completely demineralized and purified for a better result of the final product.


Sustainability and certified quality


PBF is part of the LifeGate project, which produces and commercializes exclusively Zero Impact® renewable energy. The project consists of supporting people and companies in reducing and compensation their carbon dioxide emissions, contributing to the protection and replanting of forests in Italy and around the world.