An intense journey into the PBF color world through which you will discover the secrets of Colorimetry that will allow you to create various technical services to be included in your Salon menu.
Each stage of this color journey will be guided by the golden rules of Armocromia, so that each day marks a small step towards becoming an expert style and beauty consultant for your clients. A workshop dedicated to the discovery of the Perfect Blonde: how to create fast, high-visual impact and highly profitable services.
Specialize as a colorist, learn how to create refined combinations using the Master Color Chart and PBF color lines.


Colors are able, through their use, to activate and provoke emotions, evoke sensations and feelings. With the tools contained in this format you will be able to further stimulate the creativity that resides in you and provide your client with a complete advice.


Color World. A full immersion in the PBF color world. Specialize as a colorist by discovering the secrets of colorimetry in a simple and fun way by working on test locks with the expert guidance of our Team of Technicians. Explore our Master Color Chart and acquire an effective and professional working system that allows you to minimize errors in the salon. An in-depth seminar on the study and perception of color through Oswald’s Star, a color-counter-color reading system, neutralization and saturation.


Color transformation. How to transform an unnatural and impersonal blond look into the signature of an expert colorist. Add dark locks to create depth and personality to the blond, without distorting the Balayage, using Blondombrè, Luminity, Toner and Absolute.


Going Light. Lightening with soft warm and cold multi-faceted tones, perfect for creating movement to the hair without distorting it and easily reproducible in the salon. Create a blond with a “frosting effect”, using Blondher and customizable with Luminity and Toner, which will leave your customers breathless.


Going Brunette. After an accurate customer consultation, through Color ID, you can recommend the most suitable shades for your customers who do not want to give up their Mediterranean look. Emphasize the brown colors by inserting the perfect light points, obtaining a bright and trendy hairstyle. Get perfect results by eliminating unwanted reflections through the combined use of Absolute, BlondHer


Going Ginger. Enhance the personality of your most dynamic customers, proposing combinations of copper shades in full agreement with the latest trends. Take advantage of the great return of Copper hair, creating customizable services using Absolute, Luminity, Molecolar and Crazy.