WHEN on request
TEACHERSPBF creative director + assistants
WORK TOOLS on request
DATE AND TIME 2/3 days
PARTICIPANTS at least 8 participants
PLACE to be confirmed (first day itinerant/second day Accademy or technical center)


Participate in every phase of the creation of a collection through a guided course that covers every creative step, closing the path with the complete realization of 2 collection looks.


From the brief to the ideation of the creative concept, from the birth of inspiration to planning, up to the technical
realization of 2 looks. To stimulate the imagination of the participants, the workshop begins with a “visionary” first day
in which the artistic director of Professional by Fama, Edoardo Paludo, will guide the students on an individual journey to discover their own creative spark. The path can unfold in a Botanical Garden, as well as in a charming, historic location,
a metropolis, an old café, depending on the inspiration. During the first day, ideas are explored, inspiration is deepened
and images from the surrounding universe are captured. On the second day, at the Accademy or Technical Center, we define the technique, work method and procedures to carry out the work.


Who wants to learn to conceive and make a Collection.