WHEN February 2021
TEACHERS PBF Trichologist
WORK TOOLS Video tutorials
DATE AND TIME Up to 2 hours
PARTICIPANTS At least 8-15 participants
PLACE Distributor headquarters or salon


WHEN February 2021
TEACHERS PBF Trichologist
WORK TOOLS Trichocamera
DATE AND TIME 1 day (from 9:30am to 5:30pm) PARTICIPANTS At least 8 participants
PLACE Distributor headquarters and PBF Academy


Starting from the anatomy of the hair and scalp, to understand the benefits of a balanced system to enhance the color and drying services. Give your customers a moment of relaxation by taking care of their hair and scalp.


Diagnosis: the hairdresser as a consultant and professional. Analysis of the skin and the state of health of the hair through an objective evaluation system based on the use of the trichocamera, which allows the customers to see any anomalies with their own eyes.
Treatment: know the products of the Scalpforcolor line in depth to be able to suggest your customers the most suitable treatment with a specific and differentiated system for the salon and for home maintenance.
Ritual: how to build a wellness center corner in your salon. Invite your client to a moment not only regenerative for the scalp and hair, but very relaxing, almost as if she was in a spa. The massages shown by our trichology experts will allow not only the maximum effectiveness of the treatment, but will also be an exclusive moment to build customer loyalty.


Possibility of organizing trichology consultancy days in the salon (Trichoday) with tutoring in the salon together with our professionals. The hairdresser in finally seen as an expert in the well-being of scalp and hair. Knowing how to enhance the products of the other PBF lines, with particular attention to the new CARE line.


Salon owners and collaborators who wish to increase their skills and discover the benefits of the treatment products.