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About Us

The Masters of Colors.

Professional by Fama has carved out an exclusive role in the niche of hair colour products with a range of treatments and collections that guarantee extraordinary performance and provide talented beauty salon professionals all over the world with just the tools they need. The PBF lines are tailored to the needs of international customers and designed to simplify the work of our hair stylists, guaranteeing the recognisable and lasting hair colour results that are promised.


Development, environment and sustainability.

Research, development and the high quality of the raw materials used for the formulas are the foundation and goal of every project. Developing over 100 new formulas on average every year, Laboratori Professional by Fama are at the cutting edge in terms of the production of highly scientific hair colour and beauty technologies. With its extensive distribution system and international sales network, PBF is able to satisfy all requirements and meet the highest commercial standards, guaranteeing its expertise and assistance with a top-level service in over 30 different countries. With formulas certified by accredited universities and its low environmental-impact products, PBF is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of both people and the planet: our hair products aim to contribute to our own personal beauty as well as that of the entire world.


Italian creativity, management and professionalism.

High-performance solutions, recognised at global level as being emblematic of Italian savoir faire. The PBF collection consists of a complete range of treatments, products and services designed to enhance colour when styling and treating hair. Our mission is to harness the skills of our talented professionals, helping them to provide top quality services. This is why every day we carry out in-depth research, analysis and studies to test technical solutions and innovative tools in synergy with the most important users of our products: hair stylists.